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I was trying to play a game (half-life 2 mod) and the engine crashed telling me my page file was too small.

i went into properties, went to advance and went to the VRAM settings, i had them set manually, but i was still getting the error, so i let the computer manage them.

i restarted and my computers gfx have gone bad. it says that the selected gfx driver can not be used. that is was written for a previous version of windows. and that the system has started using the default VGA driver.

i have 4 bit color, and screen size of 640 x 480.

ive gone to (because the nvidia driver only comes from HP) and downloaded the newest driver, installed it and i still get the same problem. (i have since fixed the VRAM back to manually set at 4096 minium. and 9216 max.

i have tried system restore, and all five of the different restore points ive tried have failed to restore the machine.

i am getting very upset with this machine, it is not performing as it should, and i am not happy with windows XP SP3 right now, ive had more issues with XP in 3 months then i had with all my vista issues. im not happy right now....


fixed for the most part from this lovely post: [Download] 100% Free Version of DriverCleaner - The NeoSmart Forums

thanks CG ^__^

but now that its fixed all of the windows are being weird and idk how to explain it, they are moving slowly, and leaving after marks for a second and scrolling does that too :frowning: so idk


so i looked at the gfx hardware, it is is telling me that

"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is imcomplete or damaged (Code 19)"

so what do i do?


all i did to get the gfx working normally again was use the driver cleaner to remove the nvidia stuff and than reinstalled the drivers from HP. :frowning: what am i doing wrong?


the windows are still being slow waving, during movement

but the display driver is still being picked up as working in device management


the screen just died and came back as 600~X400~

but this time i could reset it back to normal 1640x1080.

also in dxdiag, it is telling me that: everything is working normally.


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