Hello. Please help me.Am in desperate need of some advice on what
to do if u knw hw 2to remedy,and how2fix a situation i got myself into. If u
able2assist me,it would be most appreciated. Right. Here's what i did: u knw
I run Windows XP Pro and i loaded TweakUi for XP on2 it. Then...i went and
unticked the 'parse autoexec.bat' option,(found in the logon option). I
rebooted,only2find that my notebook started up in Administrator mode. I'm
not in my original mode. And try what i will,i can't get out of
Administrator mode,and back2the way my PC was. I re-ticked 'parse
autoexec.bat',and rebooted,but to no avail. I tried2 'switch users',theres
no option of my original name,neither in User Accounts. Ive tried booting in
Safe Mode,it duznt help. Ive uninstalled tweakUi,but it duznt help:frowning:. Ive
got2get bk to the original way it booted. Pls pls,help and advise me if
perhaps knw da answer. I knw it's probably something small,that i'm missing
and supposed2do,pls help if u can. T h a n x SO much. It must be able2be
undone. One wld think that jst by re-ticking 'parse autoexecbat',that that would fix things.
It duznt. Have searchd the internet 4an answer. They give the way to enable or
disable 'parse autoexec.bat',usin regedit. Ive tried,but it duznt bring me
bk2my original settings. I even uninstalled TweakUi, but that didn't help either.
Pls e-mail me to


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Is there a folder with your account name in C:\Documents and Settings\?