Going Back To XP After Upgrade

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I had windows xp installed on the D: drive. I got windows vista and installed it on the c: drive. It doesn't have to option to boot my windows xp. I downloaded easy BCD and added the windows directory to it
Now at bot i have option to load windows XP...BUT.....when i try it says something about NTLDR being missiing or corrupt. so i copied the NTLDR and NTDETECT files from my xp cd to the D: drive and still same problem....can you help me boot my d:/windows ?????


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Hi etlgmoney,

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You're going to need these files too:

I aded those still same problem...
I got it to boot using fixntldr cd and using the third option. I do not want to have to do this every time I tart my pc though. I also installed all of the files from the cd onto my D: drive and tried booting normall through the bcd thing when i select windows xp same error about ntldr


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Ah wait...

Copy these same files to C:\ as well (where C:\ is the drive that Windows XP calls C:\)
So if I understand all that I have read so far about Vista and upgrading / removing Vista....Since my Son did an "Upgrade" over Windows XP Pro the only way to get him back to Win XP is to Format / Use the Dell Recovery CD's to reinstall WinXP onto his computer?



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Hi Jim..

Yeah, really sorry about that, but upgrade installs cannot be undone unless you have a backup somewhere...

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies BTW, and if you have any other questions or need help with that, feel free to start a new topic.

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