Gonna try again vista/me dual

From my previous post I wound up crashing the entire system, not sure if Sun VM may have done it or playing with the boot rec. but now I'm parting and formatting c: in win me and will continue by the same with the Vista install, BEFORE installing ME so ME will know about the NTFS part. Already tried ME first the Vista, and couldn't get anywhere, so now I'll go Vista 1st then ME, BUT, the DOS WILL STILL BE ON C:. Will Vista overwrite the MBR? AND if so, can I recover it? If I can get a boot listing that goes to DOS, I can install any DOS OS there. Any advice or pointers would HELP!!!
I was just trying to get easybcd 2.0 but the installer failed, this is the second tome so I assume that there is an issue there, but gonna get the ball rolling with 1.7.2 tonight. Let you know in a bit how it worked out
SUCCESS!!!!! FINALLY GOT IT! (well...sort of). Here's what I did and what happened. Sorry if I am a litttttle looong winded on this, but this has been going for a month.
Parted 80 gig hdd as 1 15g primary dos
Used ME startup disk to install dos 6.22
Saved then exit to Vista install disk and installed
installed bcd then rebooted with ME s.u. to restart
ran a program called BTSECT 2.5 to obtain a file called BOOTSECT.DOS it stores this file in what ME will perceive as c: on the root
reboot to the Vista install disk then repair or recover the current install
this will take you to a vista boot (hopefully, I've had to repair more than once before it would take on several occasions.)
Once vista boots go to computer>d: then find file BOOTSECT.DOS, you need ALL files unhid to do this, and copy then paste this file to c:.(disks are named as Vista sees them not ME).
NOW run bcd, add entry, save, exit, restart, and :S
But now, probably because of something I did when installing dos, my choice at startup is:
Windows Memory Diagnostic :wtf:frowning:runs great!)
Windows Vista (TM) (recovered) boots well too!:??
COOL!COOL!COOL! But now I have to start over and install ME instead of dos, WTF at least I've got all the sh*t
It'll take a day or so but I have a workaround for those w/o a ME startup disk, and I will post instructions on e-how and a complete write on e-blogger.B-)