Got Vista, added Fedora 13 on new disk


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Hi All,

Firstly, EasyBCD looks like a great tool - wish I'd known about it before!

Having said that, I'm having some issues with my first attempt. I've just bought a new HDD and installed Fedora Linux 13 64bit (with a BOOT partition, and a home and swap partition in a Logical Volume, as is standard for Fedora). So currently it looks like this:

- Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows bootloader ( I guess)
- NTFS HDD just for data, no OS
hd2/sdc (the new one)
sdc1 - BOOT -> the Fedora boot partition. Grub installed here (Grub 2 I guess)
sdc2 - Linux partition with the VG on it.

When installing Linux, I'd read the EasyBCD documentation page about dual-booting to Linux, so I installed Grub to the BOOT partition of the Linux disk, and *not* to the bootloader on my Vista disk, which is what the doc page said.

So, now:

(1) If I add a "Legacy Grub" menu item in EasyBCD, and point it to my BOOT partition, it appears on the Vista startup menu, but just hangs at a flashing prompt. Probably because it's Grub2.
(2) If I add a Grub2 item, it doesn't let me configure it, but seems to think it will find it on C:, which of course it won't. Booting to this option gives me a GRUB4DOS screen with a "Grub" prompt.

I'm a bit stuck as to what to do now, except give up on EasyBCD and just re-install Linux and stick GRUB on my MBR instead.

Can some kind soul explain to me what I'm doing wrong? Happy to provide more info if needed.


auryx :smile: