GParted Fat32 Question


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Can GParted be used to extend a bootable Fat32 partition and if so can it extend using 230mb or so or unallocated space left on a drive Windows isn't letting me use to create another partition? Long story short I've restored a drive I use from a recovery image w/ Acronis and i'm left with leftover space that didn't get merged into the recovered partition like I had wanted.
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UPDATE: Doesn't look like its possible. Used gparted from an ubuntu cd and gparted actually messed it up so good Windows won't allow me to format or delete the partition in either XP or Vista. It created the second partition but didn't format it and when I finally got it to the option to extend the first partition was greyed out. Thank goodness for Acronis i'm getting it back to the way it was. No searches brought up any useful information either... this thread was at the top. Wish I had disk director... that would probably work.
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I ran into problems where you can't customize things when using the limited version of GParted included on a live to install disk. As Mak knows here I grabbed the latest stable release for the live cd version of GParted that now sees an automatic detection of the monitor you are using to set the screen resolution to what the monitor supports.

The 0.3.9-13 iso image is what you burn to disk available at

If you have any problems with the latest release the older referred to as 0.3.3 is still available under the old-GParted heading about half way down the page at