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okay, so i am downloading now a couple new linux Distro's (Fedora core 7, Sabayon Mini, and PClinuxos-2007)

i open up Gparted, and its default on my 160gb drive and i want to shriek it. alot lol :??

so i dont know how to do that lol

i could do it before i installed but i cant now. i cant unmount the drive, so idk

sorry to bother you :frowning:


Image of where id like to shrink the drive down to: where the pointer is at ( lol )
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^ im sorry

i wish to shrink the current partition, and create free open space, so i can install other linux distro's

i want to partition my ubuntu partition, into smaller ones, atm its one giant one, becuase of when i was installing, with those issues i just let it install on the whole drive, well now i dont want ubuntu solely on a 143Gb drive.

okay, is that better

im sorry... :frowning:
^okaydokay thank you, yeah i dont like those words that are typos but are real words lol

well, i tried sabayon, meh, its KDE, i dont like it so much, and ubuntu is getting compiz fusion next month, i can wait.

i did however open the GParted on sabayon, and i started to shrink it, but it took too long, i guess i should start partitioning at 11:00PM lol


side note, i looked and looked, and failed in compiling kiba-dock, but i found "gDesklets" which i am happy with :smile: