GPT Signature Found By CLoneZilla--How Do i Remove it?



On one of my IDE drives where I was testing Hackintosh, the GPT Signature remained even after completely wiping the drive and setting as MBR.

I installed 'Win 7' on it to test and then, cloned the entire drive to a larger SataII drive. No problems.

I then, went to make a backup 'image' that I could restore from a USB Stick when the need arises, (in testing environment this is necessary to be able to move OS's from one drive to another and partitions around.)

However upon trying to make, an image, using Clonezilla their latest, it would not create an image due to some reasons. 'No Fake MSDOS' something or another and would not create. Clonezilla recognized a GPT Signature. Strange. I had used Win 7 fresh install and used the Delete Partition(s) and format. but this did not seem to do the trick.

I installed this EasyBCD 2.0 beta 79 and in the DIagnose section there is OS X HFS+ GPT this or that, will that feature remove the GPT Signature without destroying or causing non-bootable, non-working OS?

Thanks for this program works great. I have another post for another issue for help with.

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