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I purchased EasyRE along with iReboot and EasyBCD back on Mar 23. I sent emails starting Mar 24 for help with an issue. Since then I received just one email "

We got your help request! One of our agents will respond to you as soon as possible.


Since then nothing. So now I'm trying to request a refund since there has been no answer all this time

Order BBCA68EE3F2FF38B​

I created a bootable USB and tried to boot my PC multiple times. Each time, the boot process generates several invalid argument errors. Finally the process halts at - sudo kldload /boot/modules/i915kms.ko and the PC becomes unresponsive and has to be rebooted. See attached
How can these errors be resolved?


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What CPU and graphics card(s) do you have in this machine? (or the make/model of the device)
Hey, sorry, I was digging into this for you.

As far as I can tell, you have the Intel Iris Xe graphics which should be supported by the i915kms kernel module that's being loaded. I'm not sure why it's freezing, though.

You can try booting in safe mode - this requires enabling CSM/legacy boot in the BIOS/EFI firmware settings (and I'm not sure if that's exposed in the NUC BIOS). When you boot in legacy mode you'll see a menu with boot options that include a "VGA Mode" EasyRE entry you can try.
I can do it if you send me a private message containing Invoice number, first and last names and email address you used.