Grub 2 wiping Easy BCD after Grub update


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Hello all,

I have a Compaq Presario CQ50 with Vista & Ubuntu 10.04 installed. I have followed the instructions for setting up EBCD to the letter the machine will work fine until Grub 2 updates then I lose the EBCD boot screen until I restore the MBR with a live recovery disk that writes the code for the Vista MBR (UBCD4Win 3.2). Of course the partitions include a factory installed recovery partition at the end of the disk and it is a fresh install of Vista and Ubuntu, Vista installed first then Ubuntu. Any idea of what is happening and how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. The only time I ever have an issue like this is when I am dual booting a Compaq machine. Grub 2 handles all others without a hitch.

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After editing the 30 os prober file in Ubuntu to include the Vista partitions and then reinstalling Grub 2 then a reboot I again lost EBCD but.... when I choose the Vista entry on the Grub 2 boot menu I was brought to the EBCD boot screen then on subsequent reboots I had to follow the same routine Grub 2 then EBCD.
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It sounds like when installing ubuntu 2nd your are overlapping the MBR with the windows boot loader. You should be able to use the repair disk and then when fix you can config easybcd edit and should be fine?