GRUB Geom Error



I'm trying to create a xp-vista-ubuntu system and get rid of grub->winloader sequence, so I'm trying to add ubuntu to vista-xp selection and remove grub. I downloaded (after some "connection time out" period) the patch for 1.5, but it gives me a "GRUB Geom Error"... Any ideas why?


Nope, didn't help...
I installed and then nuked hdd and reinstalled Xp, then Vista, then Ubuntu. Now GRUB loads with ubuntu choices and windows loader, i choose loader and winloader come up with xp, vista and ubuntu (that i added and patched), but the above error pops up after selecting ubuntu from winloader. It (Ubuntu) loads fine when selected from GRUB, the first boot options window, before winloader... Can there be anything else? Help is very much appreciated.
Researching it - hope to find an answer soon!

In the meantime, you can boot to all systems, correct? Nothing life-threatening that we need to fix to get you going?

BTW - this isn't a bug in EasyBCD, so I'm moving the topic :glare:

No, nothing life threatening, ubuntu boots fine from its original grub, windows xp and vista load fine from vista's winload/ntldr.

Is 1.51/1.6 coming out soon?