GRUB In Front Of Vista Bootloader

John F

Hi, first thanks for EasyBCD.. outstanding technology..
I had Win XP and Vista RC1 set up fine using EasyBCD..

XP was on primary (SATA 0) HD
Vista was on 2nd (SATA 1) HD

Just installed Ubuntu to freespace on SATA-1 HD, so GRUB was loaded (as primary boot engine) with pointer to Vistabootloader..

Booted to Windows XP from GRUB, Ran EasyBCD, added NST Linux boot option (GRUB), overlayed the 1.51 patch into C:\NST\
Rewrote Vista Boot record to MBR...

And now GRUB still comes up first.. When I select the "other operating system" option (Windows Vista/Freehorn), then the Vista bootloader loads and I have the XP, Vista and NST Linux options..

When I select the NST Linux option from the Vista loder, I get an error saying 'GRUB Hard Disk Error'

My major concern is having Grub as the first boot page. Other family members use this computer and I at least need XP as the default OS (under GRUB or Vista)

Any suggestions on how I can get rid of GRUB?

Dell XPS Gen 3
2 SATA HDs (XP on one drive, Vista & Ubuntu on 2nd drive)

Thanks in advance !
Hi John, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!
Sorry I missed your post, didn't see it at first.

To put Vista's bootloader as the default, simply open the "bootloader management" page in EasyBCD and select "Reinstall Vista Bootloader"

However, if you really need to boot into Linux we advise you wait for EasyBCD 1.51 which fixes many problems.
Thanks, I actually tried reinstalling the Vista bootloader and GRUB is still coming up first. I'm guessing it may have something to do with the way Dell BIOS transfers control to boot sectors on SATA drives (no particular order, LIFO boot )..

I'll wait for 1.51 to see if it addresses the 2nd issue. I was able to set the default in GRUB to point to the windows loader (NTLDR on HD0,0)

Thanks for responding
I didn't know you had two drives - that *would* be the problem.

In the BIOS you must select the _Vista_ drive as the first-HD to boot, and not the Linux drive.
But so long as your chainloading into NTLDR OK as the default, please wait for 1.51.