Grub is now controlling 7 and Mint...but there may be another version of Grub will EBCD find it?


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Originally I had installed Grub to the partition where Linux Mint is located using EBCD to choose between the 7 bootloader and Grub made it a snap. But at some point the system got hosed and I had to put Grub on the MBR. Now of course I don't need EBCD and Grub controls both OS's.

For image backups, I use Acronis, and there is a portion of it called 'Try and Decide' it makes an area of the drive available so you can install and try programs and remove them with no harm to the system. What happens is now that Grub is in charge, when I use the 'Try" mode in Acronis and choose to "not save changes" when the machine reboots it doesn't find Grub at all and will only boot to Win 7. Acronis is somehow over writing Grub in the process so I end up re-installing Grub and all is well again.

If I was to have Grub on /dev/sda3 where it was originally, and I re-install EBCD will the program find both versions of Grub or only the one on the MBR?

Re-installing Grub each time I use the TRY mode is a pain, so I am thinking I'd like to try it the way it was, using EBCD again, that worked well with NO trouble for years.

When I built the system W7 was installed first then I got EBCD and installed Linux to the / partition where Linux resides. (not the conventional way to do it I know). the idea was that if you lost Grub you could still use the MBR of 7 or if you lost the MBR you could use Grub.

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I've never heard of Acronis "T&D" but it sounds like it's a Windows only option which overwrites the MBR (not my idea of "try with no harm", but whatever!).
If so, then when it has done so, you should just be able to add a Linux entry to the BCD and go back to your original dual-boot via bootmgr instead of grub..