grub loader mystery?


First post and a noob to ubuntu: Cleaned and formated HD that had Vista on it.Installed ubuntu 9.10,no problem.Decided I wanted to remove ubuntu by reinstalling vista but can`t.When i load the vista disk in the optical drive all i get is a screen stating Grub Loader with a flashing curser.So,I reformated the drive again to get rid of ubuntu but get the same Grub Loader screen when i try to reinstall vista.Seems the Grub Loader is very sticky.Is there a way to possible dual boot vista with ubuntu that would be an easier work around?I`ve even Boot and Nuked the HD with the same results.I downloaded EasyBCD1.7.2exe but it won`t open in ubuntu.Is there no way to remove the ubuntu grub so i can reinstall vista? Thnx for any help !!
Yes,i did change the boot order to the optical drive but when i load the vista disk into the drive the Grub Loader with flashing curser appears.I believe the vista boot loader is missing and only the ubuntu grub loader remains.I need to find a way to remove the grub loader and reinstall the vista bootloader.
A bootable DVD doesn't need any kind of bootloader on the HDD.
That won't come into play unless the BIOS tries to boot the HDD.
The DVD creates an OS in RAM, booted directly from the optical drive.
If you've got the BIOS set correctly, you'll see a message as you power up with a bootable disc in the tray
"press any key to boot from CD"
If you don't see that, either the disc isn't bootable (not likely with a MS installation disc), or the BIOS is going to the HDD first.
Thnx for the info,just found out my windows vista disk is a vista upgrade disk,so,guess when i reformated the HD and removed the original vista installation and then tried to reinstall vista,it doesn`t find an OS but the ubuntu 9.10 installation,thats why i`m getting the Grub Loader screen.Only way is to purchase a full vista install disk i presume.Guess i shouldn`t have formatted my HD before installing ubuntu not realizing i wouldn`t be able to go back to vista without the original windows OS.Price i`ll have to pay for being a noob!
Here`s what i get when i load the vista upgrade install disk.I click the Vista Install Now button:I get a screen stating the following:" A required CD/DVD drive device is missing.If you have a floppy disk CD/DVD,or USB drive,please insert it now. Note: If the windows istallation media is in the CD/DVD drive you can safely remove it for this step."I then have 3 options--Browse--OK--Cancel.When i click the browse button i get a screen listing the following-----Computer---Removable Disk C---Removable Disk D--Removable Disk D--Removable Disk E--Removable Disk F--Boot(x:smile: What drive is missing and where do i get it from? I`m totally lost right about now.Thnx for any help you can offer.
I didn't get an upgrade Vista, I bought on OEM system builder version and installed it on a brand new self-build PC.
Previous OSs (XP and ME) were both upgrades progressively from W95, and each of those allowed a clean install as long as you proved eligibility by inserting a valid previous Installation CD.
It sounds as though Vista is doing the same.
If so, it expects you to remove the Vista DVD and temporarily insert your old XP CD so it can check that you qualify for the upgrade.

Did you read the embedded link in my last post ?
Yeah,i read your above post-thnx. I`ve been googling the problem and it appears that cause i`m using an old IDE HD This could be the problem.I`ll check into it and get back,Thnx for all your help.
Shouldn't be.
I first installed Vista to SATA, but though I'm all SATA now, my first W7 installs were to an old IDE drive.
No problems at all.
You are correct Terry60,it was a eligibility problem.Seems that MS didn`t like the fact that i upgraded a few components in my desktop since i first installed Windows Vista and when i went to reinstall it MS refused to accept my copy of Vista as being legit.I called them,explained what i had done and succesfully installed it in my next attempt.Just the price we have to pay for pirating i guess,but i should have remembered about the changes i had done in the first place.My mistake,again,thanks for all your help!