GRUB2, blinking cursor


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I wanted to try out Mint, wasn't satisfied and wanted to return back to my Windows 7. The GRUB2 wasn't able to chainload Windows 7, so I tried fixing it using the default Windows 7 disc. It removed GRUB2, but now there was a blinking cursor. I decided to install Windows 8 on the Mint partition. The installation almost completed, it rebooted and once again I'm in the menu with a blinking cursor.
After fooling around with multiple tutorials and things, I completely removed the bootloader, rewrote it in the command promt from the recovery menu. It looks good, there's Windows 7 and the Recovery tool in the Windows 7 disc showed me it saw Windows 8 too, so I let it fix. Reboot, still that damned cursor.

Also, running bcdedit shows the entries normally like on my main computer, but boot folder doesn't show the BCD file. There's a BCD.Backup.0001 and 0002 there, but I can't rename them back to just BCD: it keeps telling me there already is a BCD.

Nothing wrong with the drive itself, the computer worked normally before installing Mint, and that was just less than 12 hours ago.

I'm running out of ideas. I could format the Windows 7 partition and install a clean Windows 7 on it again, but all of my customizations would be gone. So I'd prefer a more subtle approach.

Oh, I used this, and the nuclear holocaust way to try to fix it. No effect whatsoever.
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