Grub2 menu script?


So, I've got a dual boot set up and working. I have Vista set up as my main OS and Gentoo as my secondary. When I load Grub though, I have to manually type the root, kernel and initrd commands every time I want to load it, which is a gigantic pain in the ass. I have the linux boot menu item set to BOOT rather than any of the partitions (I have 2 partitions for windows, a swap for linux and the main partition for linux).
You can configure it manually really simply. Just create a new NeoGrub entry in EasyBCD, hit 'configure,' and type in the commands you use to boot into Gentoo there.

(and I totally feel for you. Manually keying in GRUB menu commands is probably one of _the_ worst experiences I've ever had.. it's mind-numbingly terrible!)
To be fair, I was actually trying to configure the Grub2 that I had, rather than a NeoGrub install... But if that works, then I have no problem using NeoGrub instead of grub.

I'm just doing this to avoid dealing with trying to load Vista from Grub or some other bootloader. It's easier to keep BCD and just tack on another one for linux.
Well, I'm not too sure where Gentoo stores its grub2 configuration, but try and see if /boot/grub/grub.cnf exists