Grub4Dos and EasyBCD's Neogrub what is different?


I am not good at reading text. I have a kind of deficit. Texts just get "blurred" and I get confused when there are many new terms and much details to remember. Can take me years to do even simple things.

I started to learn about menu.lst in late 2007 and even now I lack knowledge to really use it.
and to add to the confusion they have started Grub2 and that one is complicated.

So I get interested in the GUI of EasyBCD and I actually managed to use it maybe more by accident but it at least worked.

So I want to continue to use it.

But a lot of enthusiasts tell me to switch to Grub4Dos and despite me telling them that NeoGrub is based on Grub4Dos and with a better GUI they say it can destroy things and use Grub4Dos instead.

So my very naive question is. Can I continue to use EBCD or do I need to learn both programs and can they do things in Grub4Dos that Neogrub can not do?


Mostly Harmless
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newbody, upgrading to EasyBCD won't give you anything new if your dual-boot is already working. NeoGrub and Grub4Dos are built from the same project, but NeoGrub is, like you mention, more intuitive and turned into a one-click experience with EasyBCD :smile: