Guess What Came in the Mail Today?


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I went to the post office today, and found a huge package stuffed into my tiny box...

It was addressed to NeoSmart Technologies, delivered via Expedited Mail and in some heavy packaging.

I couldn't resist the temptation, so I opened it right there - turns out it was from Christine Vetter, editor of PC World Germany.

Last month they contacted me about EasyBCD, saying they were impressed by and wanted to write an article about EasyBCD and how to dual-boot with it in the May issue of PC Welt - I agreed. They also asked for permission to put it on the CD that comes once a year with copies of PC Welt - I signed the necessary legal documents, and today I received my complementary subscribtion to PC-World Germany, a letter of thanks, and with the accompanying DVD that had EasyBCD on it :grinning:

Unlike PC World USA, PC World Germany obviously takes their magazine seriously. Ms Vetter never ignored any emails, didn't misspell EasyBCD, properly acknowledged NeoSmart Technologies as the author, and wrote a full-page article about EasyBCD :smile:

From what I hear PC Welt circulation in Europe is equal to PC World + PC Magazine in the USA, so this is great news :smile:

I've attached a copy of the article :booyah:

Congratulations CG. The Germans are always much more thorough and businesslike than the Yanks, I hate to say.
I do not like dealing with US businesses, they are so inefficient, offhand and non-customer oriented, for the most part.

I saw on another post that you offered EasyBCD 1.6 to someone. I'd be interested also to see if I still get that freezing UI annoyance.
Thanks Peter.

That's so true. Living in America most of my life, I'd have to say I like Americans more, but when it comes to business, you can't beat the Germans. :smile:

Peter, I'll send you a copy as soon as I boot back into my other OS. You're still having that issue? :frowning:
Thanks and yes. Remember I said another application had the same issue? It's got to be something internal here, but God knows what...LOL

Uninstall 1.52 first?
While on that subject I see "that not-so-nice-place" is crowing about a "certain BCDEDIT tool" going final. I wonder who they stole from for that achievement?
Incidentally that "certain BCDEDIT tool"'s UI never froze like EasyBCD's, so what is the difference I wonder?

My first post (as a customer only) at McAfee was Thursday May 6, 2004.
Seeing as I wrote both....

They both use .NET 2.0 - which is everything that goes in the UI.
I had originally written VistaBootPRO (I don't mind saying it's name - I'm immune :tongueout:) in VB.NET, they claim to have changed to C# - it doesn't make a difference though, it's the same ILDASM CLR code underneath - which is what both VB.NET and C# translate directly to.

Only thing I can think of is it has something to do with tabs - that's the only thing present in EasyBCD not in VistaBootPRO.

Here's my recommendation:

I've already emailed you EasyBCD 1.6 (to your email address visible on your profile page). If it gives you trouble still, install this:

Maybe that will take care of it.
I received your email and will extract using 7-zip. I can accept .zip too FYI. I know anyone with Gmail can't.
What the sig.rar? I guess I'll find out :crazy:

The 1.52 UI acts exactly as my Restrospect HD one does. If I minimise to the tray and then maximise again then I can click one more section (or tab?) and I have to repeat for each one.
I'll report back on the 1.6.

Thanks. :smile:
Bad news I'm afraid. It opens OK but clicking any menu doesn't do anything. So I tried the routine I do with 1.52 - minimise/maximise and the pic below is the end result.....alas!! It never changes (hovering over it just gives me an endless hourglass) and I have to click the X and then "End Now?" - haven't sent any reports to Microsoft. I'll try the download you linked.
Nothing else "misbehaves" so I really don't want to reinstall Windows, especially this one as it has the bootloader for Vista.

The other application that acts the same as 1.52 did exactly the same after the last reformat, so there's no reason to believe that a reformat will achieve anything.

As for a Windows Repair. I could do that but doubt it will achieve anything either as there isn't anything wrong with my Windows now. Plus give me a nervous breakdown...!!
Tried it in XP Pro SP2 # 2 which is my testing platform...same reaction.

Tried in Vista Ult. same (almost...the UI faded almost blank) and interestingly Task Manager showed EasyBCD using 50% and Windows Trusted Module (whatever) using the other 50%. As though they were fighting each other.

All three are up to date.