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My nephew has worked on my computer for me due to the fact i'm new to this.Well he was fired for hacking into the company he worked for, and now my computer is doing things it hasn't befor. Could he have remote accessed my computer and be changing my files around and adding and deleating things? He has also downloaded the anarchy cook book and used my e-mail address to apply for things. What do I do, and how do i check to see if he has taken over my computer threw the control panel? Need help bad.:S
Hi and welcome

Firstly, if you think your pc has been hijacked turn off your internet connection, but before doing so download the following free programs, if you don't have access to another pc to do so.

Download and install spybot from here http://www.safer-networking.org/en/spybotsd/index.html

Also use AVG Antispyware (currently can't find a download place, seems AVG wants payment for it now) Will try to find my file and add it later.

Okay, found a place where you can download AVG Anti-spyware
AVG Anti-Spyware Download

Also run your virus scanner. If you don't have one, Avast is a good free one to use. You can download it here

avast! 4 Home Edition - FREE antivirus software - Download

Run both since what one might miss, the other will find.

hope this helps.
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Some nephew. Your best reformatting and re-installing Windows. Even if the programs find something, there still might be backdoors or methods of re-infection present on the machine. Make sure that the machine is patched with the latest security updates as well to safeguard against known vulnerabilities.

You also need to change your e-mail accounts password so that it is difficult to crack or create a new account and modify any existing information that can be changed such as passwords to other sites/accounts that can be discovered through e-mails in that account's inbox. Otherwise, he has enough information to get back into your account(s).