Hal.dll is singing "Daisy" (I'm scared)


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Back to the Dark Forest Underbrush

After a ton of blah blah blah (Indian dialect) from MS Support, which, for all practical purposes, would have amounted to hours if not DAYS or WEEKS of flailing about in the Windows (multiple OSs) Underbrush without the promise of a resolution of my multi-booting problem - which I have NO taste for! - I decided to SCRAP Windows XP Pro and maybe resurrect it if MS ever comes up with (I doubt it!) an elegant solution to the vast stagnating pool of multi-booting horrors (some of which are visible in this Forum).

Long live Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (or else!).

Bill can take his $billions and shove them where the sun don't shine! :S (Ballmer, too).

Happy grub, worm and bug hunting to all! :brows:

Adios, amigos!