hal.dll missing, NTLDR is missing Please Help.


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Hi, i recently formatted my hard drive to delete a bugged version of vista and re-install windows XP. After i formatted the hard drive everything was deleted and i put it in a separate computer. However after i plugged it in and waited for the windows xp cd to boot up i got an error straight away saying NTLDR is missing. I troubleshooted this and it said to make a boot file for XP which i did.
After makeing the boot file i then turned on the computer and that error didnt show but it said hal.dll is missing.
So confused
Please help.


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More detail please.
Are you still running Vista ?
If not, why is this in the EasyBCD support forum.
EasyBCD is for Vista/7/8 systems.
Did you install XP on one PC and then move the HDD to another ?
You can't do that. The OS must be installed on the hardware it's expected to run on.
Is your problem that you can't boot from the CD ?
You need to change the BIOS to put CD before HDD in that case.