Hal.dll problem

Had a windows xp pro 32bit pc that wouldn't boot. Installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and now every reboot halts on can't find c:\windows\system32\hal.dll. If I leave the install dvd in the drive everything is fine. Any ideas?

Thank you.




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If you can boot into Windows 7 get the latest version of EasyBCD here.

Add a new XP entry, and let it autoconfigure when prompted. You should now have a dual boot, if thats what you wanted that is. Or did you just install Windows 7 to try to get XP working again?


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He'll also need to use the Reinstall Bootloader feature.
I actually was trying to have a windows 7 pc. Windows 7 was installed on a separate drive, and the original drive has been formatted.


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Then in that case, you're using the XP MBR and not the 7 one.


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Change the BIOS to boot from your new drive, not the old one.