Happy Bday Mak!


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Happy bday to one of the best guys on the internet an a man I am proud to call my friend.


Happy Birthday! Mak an did you get anything nice?
Hapy Birthday Mak. (hasn't there been a flood of these recently ! - Perhaps late September is the time to conceive computer geeks ?)
perhaps it is the time to have computer geeks
but its also the time to make great friends such as the people here
whos cake is that?????
happy birthday mak
I think September to January is the breading season to produce computer geek offspring, I got a bday coming up in mid September so i am looking forward to that might convince my folks to get me some GOOD books last year was a dismal flop to most bdays I have had in the past.
Thanks Peter. Saxon there isn't enough words i can use to express my gratitude toward you and everything that you have done for me. You are a great friend.

Happy Birthday Mak, sorry I couldn't post this earlier, my internet has been down at home for the past 24 hours.

Have a nice one!
it has just been brought to my attention that
ywk: does not stand fro yourwelcome but your worst nightmare (which is kinda wierd were did the k come from?) isn't nightmare spelled without a k????

so in that case ywc mak
Thanks Ali.

No Saxon i did not get that monitor. I did not get anyting but a few cards and a check. That was it. :wink: