Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings


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Hey I've changed status ! - Just call me Harry P
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But terry i dont get why youd call yourself harry p?

he called himself HP or RW becuase his title is "Wizard-in-Training" and Harry and Ron are both "Wizard in Training" ^_^

go go sarge!
Only 14 more posts and you join me at Hogwarts Ron!n.
Obviously from your forum name you are going to have to be Ron W, so call me Harry !
^ lol Terry

but i think his name is Ronin, like a renege Samurai or something, i think lol

or it could be just Ron! N

Only 14 more posts and you join me at Hogwarts Ron!n.
Obviously from your forum name you are going to have to be Ron W, so call me Harry !

Why not Malfoy? Why do you have to be Harry? Could also be Longbottom, Nevelle or Cabs or Goyle as well. There are plenty of characters you could be.:tongueout:

Congrats on everyones postmarks!!
Truth is, Mak - I've never read a word of any of the HP books. I've just absorbed a few of the more well known names by osmosis. They filmed Hogwarts at Gloucester Cathedral, not a great distance from here, so it kept making it onto the local news, and you'd have to be dead, or deaf and blind not to have picked up some references from such a massive global publishing phenomenon.

JKR went from penniless divorcee, sipping endlessly at drawn-out coffee in her local cafe to keep warm while she wrote her first book; to UK's richest woman in just a couple of years !
Interesting. I have read most of the books. They are actually rather interesting. Albiet you have to have a good imagination for these things. The movies are good as well. I have a likeness for these movies over movies or books like teh Lord of the Rings. Those were jsut to much for me. :wink:
lol sarge
I read all the books and by far the seventh is the best and all are better than the movies.
Kahai got it write the name is for the samurai thing. i got it from the movie did anybody see it?
U never find out whats in the case
i read them all and i watched some of the movies and i watched ronin the harry potter niies suck when you compare them to the books and as for the charcters theres nothing wrong with malfoy or nevvile especilay in the seventh book he growsw some real guts and gains cool levels almost the only boook with a good movie is lord of the ring
speaking of changing ranks whats the number of posts to change and order i mean you know:
1-one post wonder
2-tumbling toddler
and so on
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i think one post wonder is for one post , then u become a tumbling toddler, at 10 i think u become aprrentice, 50 master-apprentice, 100 journeyman, 160 wizrd-in-training, then i guess every hundred u gain lord of the rings wizard ranks. or u get 10000000 like guru and become mostly harmless:smile: Right Guru?

P.S. Terry im taking a page out of your book, posting to get the postmark :smile:
Dumbledore isnt a white wizard. The wizard ranks are from Lord of the Rings. White is Sarumon then Gandalf. Grey is gandalf before he becomes white and brown is Radagast
i know tht dumbledore isn't a white wizard but hes a really powerful wizard and has a long white beard thats all i meant


considering that this is now officialy a harry potter lord of the rings thread i thought it would be nice to find out which books you fans preferred and who is your favouritre character,book of the series why, and if your an hp fan your spell
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Here's an excuse for another post - "One year left and off I go to College" - it's got to be a lot less than that now surely?