have Vista 64 installed, want to install XP 32


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my c: drive has vista 64, my d: drive is being used as a backup drive. there is no more room on the hard disk. i would like to shrink the d: drive to make room room for xp. i have EasyBCD installed on my c: - how do i proceed?
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First you need to use a partition manager like Acronis Disk Director or GParted to shrink your current dirve. After that you use that free space to create a partition for XP to install on. Then install.

Disc Formatting tools - The NeoSmart Forums

That topic there has a link to most of these tools as well.
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If you haven't got a 3rd party partition manager, you should be able to do this directly from Vista's Admin tools/Comp mgmt/Disk mgmt. (the shrinking part)
When you install XP after Vista it will overwrite Vista's bootloader which will then have to be repaired.
Make sure you read the wiki first so you know what to expect and how to do everything.