Having a woeful time with Windows 7


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Well, I just built a new PC and quite naturally assumed my old IDE DVD drive would work fine with it. Unfortunately, this new fangled gadgetry doesn't support IDE anymore. No problem! I thought, as I had an 8gb flash stick lying around. Using Microsoft's boot tool, I stuck the windows 7 iso on the flash drive and it all seemed to work fine, until I came across the infamous no dvd/cd driver found (which was amusing, because there wasn't one installed).

So plan B: I stuck my old XP hard drive in, installed 7 on my new drive, took the old XP one out and tried to use Windows repair to automatically fix the boot record on the new one. No good. /bootrec also failed, for whatever reason. I hope I'm right in thinking EasyBCD will help, but when I tried using it, Windows comes up with a 'oxc0000098' error, saying there's no boot record available.

With EasyBCD, I did - Install BCD, then chose the BCD on the flash drive, then chose 'Install the Windows 7/Vista bootloader to the MBR'. Is this the wrong way to go about it? This is day two of trying to fix this up, it's a bit frustrating. The only other thing I can think of is either buy a new drive, or put the Windows 7 hard drive in my old PC and install it again that way... though that's a bit inconvenient and ineffiecient.

Have you tried creating a bootable installation USB with EasyBCD (instead of with Microsoft's tool)?
IDE obsolete

I upgraded my system with a new motherboard and discovered it only supported two IDE drives, one for each Optical DVD/CD drive. All the other drives are SATA. I scrapped my old IDE hard drives. The new SATA drives (especially Western Digital) are much better and prices have come down amazingly. It is time to upgrade your drives.