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I'm using Easy Recovery Essentials to fix the "insert boot media" error I keep getting. The bios is detecting my hard drive but won't load it.

I already know what the problem is, however this software isn't working at all. I need to access command prompt and type in "sfc\scannow" to repair some files.

When I go to run and type in "cmd", I get the error "Failed to execute child process "cmd" (No such file or directory)

When I try to do the automatic repair or system restore, the only drive that's found says "Windows XP 32-Bit Edition", when in actuality I have Windows 7 64 bit with no other partitions. However, when I click on 'browse/backup files' it does allow me to view all the files on my hard drive.

OH and i've tried to use a windows install disk but when I reach the load screen to press "repair" it says this version of windows doesn't match...and I'm forced to restart.

Any help would be appreciated thanks
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EasyRE's bootable environment is actually not running Windows, and tools like cmd and sfc are not exposed to the user.