having problems with recovery cd fixing boot issue

i have an OptiPlex 745 dell with vista 32 bit, had a system recovery i thought Hirens bootable cd fixed, but a couple weeks later i kept getting error windows popping up saying dll files were missing until eventually my computer wouldn't even get past the black error recovery screen (nothing would load in any modes) saying ....intelide.sys driver missing....(i believe this was corrected but still not loading windows at this point)

So i decided to purchase the EasyRE cd in hopes it would correct my problem. After i ran the cd under "automated Repair" option it would say repairs successful, reboot. however i ended up back where i started with windows not loading. The nice people at neosmart sent me an 32bit vista recovery iso with automated repair option, along with detailed instructions on some command promt attacks to rebuild the mbr. after running auto-repair it said "this system can not be repaired automatically" so i went into the command line directions. after doing all this i am still having no luck to get my computer to boot to windows.......any ideas, suggestions????