Having Troubles Recovering My Computer


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I bought a used Sony Vaio Laptop. Model Number: VPCEE25FX/BI.
Somehow the Recovery Partition got deleted from the computer, so whenever I push F10 while it boots up, the screen just goes blank and nothing happens. So I decided to make this CD to try and get my computer back to the Factory Settings. When I try recovering with this CD it only gives me options to recover from a specific date. I just need help trying to get it so it will recover my computer back to the Factory Settings.
If you're talking about our repair disc ISO, it can't help you. There are no Windows installation files on there. It can only help you fix a broken boot not a dead system.
If you didn't use the Sony recovery facility to make your own back-up portable media, and you've also deleted the original HDD version, then your only options are
a) contact Sony for replacement media, for which they'll make some charge.
b) Borrow an XP/Vista/7 CD/DVD (whichever you're licenced for) and reinstall a vanilla copy of Windows using the key on your PC, not the one on the borrowed disc.
c) For Vista, see if MS will send you a free replacement