hdd controler driver does not load


i have tried to boot the neo boot cd on my
acer aspire 5920 laptop

it does not load the driver for the intel controler

and when pointing to the driver it would accept it

any ideas ?
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Hello k1john, welcome to NST.
Reboot, and when you get to the first splash screen at startup of your computer, you should see (if only briefly) what key you need to press to enter your BIOS (generally it is F2 or Del). So, right away, press that key to enter your BIOS. Now look around, and you should see something in your BIOS called "boot sequence", "boot order", or the likes. So go to that section, and move your CD/DVD drive up in the boot order, so it is first. Now, insert the recovery disk, save the changes you made the BIOS, and when you get a message saying "Press any key to boot from CD" press a key, and you will be able to boot from the CD to attempt repairs for whatever the problem is that you're having.

hdd controler can load driver

no it boots off the cd fine

it just that the cd does not have the driver for the hdd controler

and when i try and point it to a driver it does not work

becasue the drive is a program to install the driver

acer at there best again

guess i need a linux driver the the controller

nothing on google
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