HDD freezes

Han Solo

I have a WD5000AAKB IDE external drive (500 GB) in a rosewill external enclosure. This HDD is seen at BIOS when starting up but when it comes time to loading up Vista I get a black screen and it freezes. This is just before I am suppose to key in my password. Also when I have the computer on and then connect the HDD, the computer freezes (windows explorer) which forces me to reboot. I have also tried to place this HDD internally and at boot up it freezes as forementioned. When I tried connecting it internally it didn't work but when I disconnected the HDD it felt heavier or as if there was a differnt weight distribution. What can I do?
Are you saying this HDD has a Vista installation on it ? or just that your Internal Vista won't boot when this drive is connected to the PC ?
This HDD is a slave, it has no OS installed. I have used it in the past with XP and of course with Vista. And every time I use it the computer freezes no matter the configuration.
Your problem probably is due to an overheating of your processor, since according to what you say to me, the fact that your HDD should freeze it is one of the symptoms, other one is that your computer goes out without apparent reason, if this one is the case I recommend you check the ventilator of the processor, since in some cases it stops working after a time..