HDD Problems


Hi All,
i have had a trawl through the forums and have not been able to find anything that may elp with the issue i have with my Amilo Li1718.
Bit of history,
Had slow boot up problems, so Dad in his wisdom, while visiting, decided to reinstall Vista Home 32 bit, Great problem solved was the note he left me.
Yeah, i was left with NO drivers for any hot keys, comp gets hot very quickly, managed to get wireless driver hot key working from Fujitsu web site.

Now i am left with Dual installs of Vista on C and D drives, with regular messages stating the memory is low in C drive.
Along with this when i have looked into both drives, certain programme files are empty, others dont work and also a number of the files are highlighted in blue.

Just wondered if anyone could offer some advice (other than 'throw it in the bin' lol).
or if there is a programme that can merge the complete files on the C and D drive.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Mark, whats the free space on the C: and D: drives? You can find this out by going to computer and bringing up the properties for each drive.
Right click Computer > Properties > Change Settings > Advanced tab > Settings.. under performance section > Advanced tab > Change under virtual memory and make sure the C: drive is set to "System managed size". Reboot the computer and see if that message goes away.
Have checked as suggested and already set as recommended, also have noticed the files on the C drive are compressed, whereas the D drive is not. Agggghhhhhhh, think the 'ole man' should keep his mitts off my Lap top in future lol
A fresh single install sounds like the cure. The message you're getting is quite the opposite of the free space on the drive and with virtual memory system managed I don't know what else could be the problem unless you've recently installed something prior to the problem. If thats the case use system restore to go back a few days before the problem started. Then again, missing files aren't a good sign either. Best give the computer a good scan for viruses/spyware.