HDD with 6 Partitions and 5 ghost images. Combine and choose for booting?


OK I'm new to this forum, love easyBCD used it alot. The issue I am having has tired me out because I cant get it to work with different ideas I have been trying.

But here is what I have 1 x USB 80gb HDD, 5 x ISO images that contain a ghost image that when booted off of the disk loads up giving a count down to a ghost reload, after the count down it starts ghosting.

What I want to do is get rid of the CD/DVD Disks and make it faster and easiy to carry by having them all on 1 USB HDD disk and able to update.

What I have done. I have made all the real disks into ISO's. Split the 80gb hdd into 6 partitions, 1 for OS to work with, 5 other sized for the individual ISO/ghost files.

Problem, I cant get it to boot when I was playing with the ISO images

here is what is in the ISO (just one iso for example)

- name.GHS
- name.GHO

I am using windows 7 ultimate to set the drive up, but will not be using the os after its setup.

thank you,
Sorry, I didn't post the errors because was unsure I was heading in the right direction so I was starting over. but here they are.

I tired using a windows boot because my images do use win 98 but I got windows boot errors

Iso boot from disk, navigate to my iso. But when I would boot to it, it would just kick me back to my boot menu.

I tried WinPE, (extracted my files to a directory) tried adding a bootable file, would get a windows error not launching ghost

I tried Neogrub, but don't think I did it right because it would just halt at a command line, ( couldn't find the file to edit)

What I believe I am looking for is really simple I just cant get it. Because the iso when on their disks boot with no other help they have everything on the disk. So my iso is an exact copy so what I think I should only need is a way to have to point the boot loader paths to the ghost file that's the boot file and have the options in the boot menu for the 5 ghost files and os.

thanks some more.