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Okay. Where to start? I downloaded a copy of the Vista recovery disc as per the instructions. Then I proceeded to burn it to the disc as per the instructions. However, when attempting to boot from said disc I had an "install.wim missing files error". I thought I might not have waited long enough for the files to download so I tried it again, this time waiting for the utorrent programme to finish altogether but after 20 hours waiting for it to stop whatever it was doing I got bored and started reading up on 'seeding' which is what it said it was doing but to my embarrassment I didn't understand a single word!!! I am a bit lost as the utorrent programme now says it is uploading!! I have no idea what to do next as I am winging it to start with as I am not exactly 'computer literate' (lol). So, if anyone could tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it so I could use the utorrent programme properly to dowload and use the Vista recovery I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance :scared:
When you download a torrent, it's a two-way process. You're picking up bits of the file from various other connected users, and also various other users are picking bits up from you in a distributed network. This avoids the bottleneck of a thousand people all trying to download from the same source simultaneously and overloading the capacity of the uploading server. (That's what hackers have been doing to M/C and PayPal this week in denial-of-service attacks)
When you've finally got the whole file downloaded, you can disconnect.
If you stay connected, you become a "seeder" (you're giving without taking), this is a "thankyou" to other seeders who enabled you to get what you wanted, but you don't have to take it to extremes. If you don't disconnect you will continue to seed ad infinitum.
Since broadband download speeds are generally ten times faster than uploads, you never give as much as you take unless you allow some time to seed, but just stop when you consider you've been generous enough. (certainly if your upload total now exceeds the download size).
As to the "install.wim missing files error",
it clearly states in the download page "You cannot use this ISO to reinstall Vista"
There are no installation files on the ISO, it's purely the MS boot-repair disc. That's why it's so much smaller than a Vista DVD. It's not a free copy of Vista.