My computer is reading ISK BOOT FAILURE . Insert system disk and press enter.
I am not able to bring it up in safe mode and can not access system recover. Someone please help me before i take a hammer to the computer.


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Hi Medicgirl (or should I say "What's up Doc ?")
Welcome to NST.
HP systems access the recovery partition with F11 as you power-up. Your user handbook should tell you what's appropriate for your PC.
If it's completely unavailable, you can download a Vista recovery disk from here, and follow the instructions here to fix your boot.


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By handbook any documentation basically that came with your PC. If its not explained look for accessing the recovery partition with your paticular model on hp's website or follow the directions in Terry's post for using our recovery disc.


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When you turn on your PC, pay really close attention. It should say (almost right away) "Press XXX to recover" or "FXXXX: Recovery" or something like that.