Hello and HELP!


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Hello i have a Gateway laptop NV52
i had a BlueScreenOfDeath

i tried reinstalling vista on it, with a vista multiboot but 12% in the installation it gives me an error saying that it requires a device driver ( im guessing for hard drive ) i have tried the x32 and x64 isos that you all have provided with no go...
Id hate to shell out money to get a new vista boot DVD from gateway, i tried looking at gateway ( which type of HDD ) and no specific brands were listed,

i have confirmed that this dvd does work, but just not with this laptop

what am i missing?

much appreciated thanks
Hi Ben, welcome to NST.
Our recovery ISOs are a tiny subset of a Vista/W7 DVD. They contain no installation files. They cannot be used to install, reinstall or repair a broken OS.
They're provided to enable you to fix the boot process, initiate a system restore, or open a command prompt, when the OEM built-in recovery environment isn't accessible.
They can't replace your OEM recovery facility, just help you reach it.