Help about vista recovery disk

my computer currently having problem reinstalling the recovery disk provided..

i wanted to fix my computer as it always goes into system repair first then needed to reboot again to enable me to go in, i wanted to make it back to where it first started so I had download the window vista recovery disc 32-bit version.. burned it into a cd-r using imgBurn (as told) do the verify thing, no problem found... Changed my boot from harddisk to cd-rom first, the program started running then after i insert the product key, it shows

Windows cannot open the required file E:\Sources\Install.wim. The file does not exist .... Error code 0x80070002

then i went to check the web again, found others also having this problem, so i went to use the MD5 cal to check.. the MD5 is the same.. i tried 3 times, all give me the same problem... feeling frustrated, i went to check the content of the disc that i had burned.. it only have 3 things.. 1 boot folder containing bcd, boot.sdi, bootfix.bin, 1 sources folder containing boot.xim and a bootmgr..
what should i do? did i burned the wrong thing?
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Hello Kenneth, welcome to NST

Our disc can only be used for recovery. The install files have been purposely removed so MS's EULA is not violated. If you don't have a regular Vista DVD or recovery disc that came with your computer and cannot boot from the recovery partition if you have one than you'll need to either borrow a copy from a friend and use the product key on the sticker attached to your computer or contact your OEM for a replacement for a small fee.
The download and the instruction pages both make it clear Kenneth that you can't install Vista with these disks.


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Answer to reply

i am not trying to install the window vista again.. i just wanted to fix my computer in order it will have a clean start over.. like formating my hard disc.. does this recover? every time i install something into my computer, it seem to start the system start repair when i restart my computer.. y is it so?

the disc does not give me other option except for install window, What to know before installing windows, repair your computer.. as you had said cant use the install window, i used the repair window function..

it bring me to a system recovery options where i had selected my hard drive with microsoft windows vista as opertaing system, partition size as 114242 mb, location ( c: ) ACER.. then i click next.. it jus return me to the option that i always has been using(given), the recovery tool menu..

i wanted the startup repair to stop fixing problem when there is no porblem that could be found(why does it check everytime i on my com?).. :frowning:

i cant use system restore as i didnt had the dates to roll back.. :tongueout:

there is no window complete pc restore as there is no back up from my computer/dics.. :booyah:

the window memory diagonstic tool(dont know what is it for) and command prompt i din use.. what should i do? :angry:
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When you re-format, you wipe out everything on the disk, meaning that yes, a re-install well be needed.

Now if you'd rather try the recovery steps first, see our wiki for the details. You need to click the "Repair my computer" link instead of "Install Now".
thanks i followed the steps, it completed the whole thing.. everything seem completed.. i restarted my computer then now my computer crushes.. it is saying i dun have a file

File: \Windows\system32\drivers\BDGuard.sys
Status: 0xc0000098
Info: Windows failed to load because a critical system driver is missing or corrupt

now what should i do..
LOL.. i retry the disc and restore back to where i started.. thanks for your help anyway.. somehow it fixed by itself..
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