Help Booting from CD with Vista Recovery


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okay, I'm a beginner here :x, so you're forwarned (my computer skills need work)

I inserted my disc with my X86 Vista iso and then it said: press any key to boot from a CD/ DVD, and so I pressed enter.
then it gave me a screen that said:

Choose an operating system to start
>>Windows Setup (EMS enabled)

To specify an advanced option for this choice press F8

>>Windows Memory diagnostic

Enter again? Confused and I want to make sure I'm doing this right. No need for my laptop to be even more broken than it already is.

thanks :smile:
Hi Vinchai, welcome to NST.
What exactly are you trying to do with the recovery disk ? It sounds like you weren't quite fast enough with the "any key".
You should see a series of screens as described here
Are you using the recovery disk hosted at our site, or is it some .iso you obtained from a torrent you downloaded...? :wink: I too have never seen such a screen when booting from the Vista DVD (which our recovery disk is basically just a slimmed-down version of), and it sounds like you may be using an illegal slipstreamed, re-distributed version of the Vista dvd which we can't be held responsible for if it fails to work. You may want to get yourself a legal copy of the Vista DVD and reinstall your OS if you're having serious trouble, or just use Startup Repair on the DVD or our recovery disk to fix the problem.

Cheers, and best of luck.