Help Booting Vista


Hi, I deleted some files from system 32 and can't reboot.

Can't reboot into Recovery.

I can get to a command prompt in the X: directory for automated recovery so I was hoping to use this EasyBCD app to get me going.

I can't figure out how to open and use it from a command prompt.

The errors I'm seeing are: No boot.ini file found. Bootmanager error and file missing or corrupt: hal.dll Reinstall file and try again.

Thanks, Scott-

I tried: expand easybcd c:\ copy easybcd.exe c:\ etc.
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You can't use EasyBCD from the recovery prompt.

Are we talking about Windows Vista or Windows XP?
Vista business.
I can get to the recovery prompt using the Vista boot disk but it won't self repair.
I just get can't find boot.ini

Is there a way to get boot.ini in there?

I tried copying it. I made a disk with 3 or 4 files that were supposed to be able to do this but they haven't worked.

NTLDR etc. etc.


Although, when I made the disk I thought I had XP so would those files be XP specific? I see a lot of info online that refers to XP and Vista as using the same files.
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