Help: Can't boot Vista - here are the details:


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Running Vista: Last night I am guessing that during an update something went wrong: Computer would not boot this morning:
Went to the Startup Repair and received the message that Windows cannot repair computer automatically, and cannot determine the cause of the problem.
Here is what I have tried:
Safe Mode boot – did not work:
System Restore – Said that it was successful, but needed to reboot, and then same problem:
In F8 mode – tried to restore to last successful settings, did not work.
Any suggestions?
There were several critical fixes in WUD yesterday, of the "rebooting - do not turn off your computer" type, which if interrupted could have broken the system.
Luckily, all problems caused by WUD qualify for free one-to-one support from Microsoft.
Follow the links from the WUD "update history" page and you'll find an email support link.