HELP. can't boot XP

Hi all.
I've got a thinkpad T60 with an internal disk and another disk on the ultrabay.
On the internal stuff I've got my normal work XP and on the ultrabay I have vista and linux.
On the BIOS I have configured for the ultrabay disk to boot first if it's installed.

So here's what happens.

Whithout the ultrabay disk, windows XP boots normally on it's own.
With the ultrabay disk, I have the vista boot loader pop up where i Can select vista, windows or XP from disk one.

Vista, and ubuntu work fine, but XP doesnt.

Any ideas?



PS: I used 2.0 beta 55 to configure the XP entry.
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And if its still not working after that, download "ntldr" and "" from the link given in the same message box that asks you if you want to let Easy auto-configure boot.ini for you, and place them in the root of the "system" partition, as seen from Disk Management.
Thanks guys!
I had to download and copy NTLDR and onto my c: (which was my system partition in disk management)

After that it worked.

The only thing i was a little surprised was, that I did not see the boot menu from the internal disk, it went directly to load the XP

Anyways, it worked perfectly.