Help - Cant Load Windows 7 64 Bit


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For some reason I was in the middle of encrypting my c: drive, and started messing with another program. The next thing I know I am unable to log in to windows, even under safe mode. At one point I was able to enter my encryption password, then I go to a screen with 5 options, startup repair, system restore, system image recovery, windows memory, and command prompt. Yes, I did try to to a system restore, and I am getting error messages. At some point, I stopped having to enter the encryption password, and if I do not hit F12 when my computer loads, I get an error message stating missing operating system.

Long story short, I have been following a thread under Windows 7, but I am unable to register because there is something wrong on there end. Right now, I have downloaded the Windows 7 64 Bit repair disk as an iso, and burned it on a disk. Below is a link to show what file I downloaded. This allows me to go through bios, and load through my CD Drive, and use command prompt.

Download Windows 7 System Recovery Discs The NeoSmart Files

I have been following the post below:

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Forums

There is one main difference between their example, and my computer, on the first line after List Disk, I have 2 disks, 0 and 1 both online. Furthermore, under list partition under disk 0, Disk's 2 and 3 both primary and active. However, disk 1 was a * next to it, and says recovery, but I am able to switch it to either active or not active (shown in step 3). Also, I was never able to create a disk 4 under disk 0, as shown in step 3.

I need some real help, and would be much appreciated. My guess is that it has something to do with that their example only shows 1 disk under list disk, whereas I have 2.