I have had problems with my windows vista forthe last 2 weeks, at the start i got the windows error recovery screen where it sked me tolaunch the startup repair or to start windows normally, neither worked, i also tried the advanced multiboot screen and nothing worked on there. e.g after pressing repair computer it would give me a black screen.

I also have tried my Advent recovery CD to repair it to factory settings but it gave me the blue screen with lots of writing about how some hardware has stopped vista from running. Yesterday i downloaded the x32 bit? Windows vista recovery from neosmart, this also didnt work till today, i downloaded something and iasked it to completly wipe vista off my laptop whichit done succesfully, i then put the vista recovery disc back in and it worked! there i was jumping for joy, before it asks me for a product key? i then tried a startup repair but then got a message saying that it couldnt repair it automatically! i then tried a system restore butit then said without even starting thati had to specify windows installation i would like to restore!?! it them tells me to follow this command, dont have a clue how to follow it or what it means, 'rstrui.exe/OFFLINE:C:/Windows. i also have found my product code now! typed itinand gave me and error code saying, 0x80070002! HELP!!

Whats happening? got soo excited wheni saw the vista background appear on my screen then i get brought back down to earth :shame:

Any advise would be thouroughly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance!
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Boot from a vista disc/recovery disc from this site. Perform startup repair and if the steps in our wiki don't work try system restore from the recovery options menu.