help, dual boot win7 and ipc 10.5.6


i been trolling for months reading countless threads, 1000's of google searches and finally i decided to post because i cant get it to work.

system, dell xps 410.
core 2 duo

two Hard drives,

250gig with win 7 64bit fresh install

and 80gig with ipc 10.5.6 installed.

easybcd 2.0 build 76

I select NST Mac OSX at start up and takes me to grub CLI. Now when it comes to command line i really have no clue what to do, i looked at countless cmd line websites for grub and i just cant make sense of it. any help would be appreciated.

PS: not my first time trying to install osx. i've had to re-install windows atleast 7-8 times now...


and if i select the drive manually to boot, it hangs up on the apple load screen.
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Sorry Wheeliest, probably all like me, not Mac users.
You'll just have to stick around for some of that rare breed to arrive.
Welcome anyway.
Did you install OS X with the other 2 disks connected? If so, then perhaps you should try reinstalling it with the Windows disk and the other one disconnected, then put the Windows disk first in the boot sequence of the BIOS, and use EasybCD 2.0 to add an entry to the Win 7 BCD for Mac OS X. First try the EFI option (making sure to select the correct disk in EasyBCD), then if that doesn't work, try MBR just for fun.

Like Terry above, I've never used a mac or its OS, but I've seen some users multibooting with Mac OS X, and occasionally I've helped troubleshoot the problem, so I know a little bit.