Help! Dual booting W7 and iATKOS v4 - MAC not booting!


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hey guys, am new to this forum and need some help :grinning:

I'm using the latest version of EasyBCD but i can't boot into MAC, it comes up with an error when i restart and that i need to repair MAC. I'm sure many of you have heard of this before.

Basically, i read somewhere that i need to 'unhide' the 200mb partition that W7 creates when you install it on a new drive/partition, and i have no clue what to do with that :S

I go to Disk Manager, and i see Drive C which is normal and the MAC partition + OEM reserved one, but how do i create a drive letter for the 200mb partition? :tongueout:oint:

Any help would be appreciated, i've posted in other forums but got no reply and it's been about 2 days, i hope someone can shed some light asap. :smile:

Also, should i use the Beta version (v2) of EasyBCD? or stick with the latest 1.7.2v? Thanks!
Hi Mambo, welcome to NST.
Firstly, Use EasyBCD 2.0.
Latest Linux builds and OSX are not supported in 1.7.
To make your Windows 7 "system" partition accessible, use Admin Tools/ Comp mgmt / Disk mgmt, right click on the partition and select "change drive letters..." then add a letter of your choice from the dropdown list.
The partition will then be accessible to Explorer