HELP for Dell Inspiron E1705


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Due to a virus, my audio sound device is completely gone from my Dell....although I have downloaded a new driver from Dell. There is simply nothing for it to work with when I try to install it. Wht do I do? Must I find a pro to work on it and replace the missing card? Can I get this done at a computer shop? Can it be done online from Dell?

Very frustrating. Thanks in advance if this has happened to you and you can tell me what to do. I am not all that computer literate when it comes to this kind of thing. I just want it fixed!!
If the driver has been installed, you'll need to configure it through Windows as if it has just been installed in the computer if it is still not working. Check for the obvious such as volume and whether or not it is muted. You can configure it by going to sound and audio devices in the control panel or by typing "sound" into search in Vista's start menu.