Help! I used "rescue my system" and everything is gone.

Hello. I posted here a few days ago having a trouble getting a new install of Win7 from MSDN to boot on a raid 5 array. The issue eventually resolved itself as I had to completely start over and this time I just uplugged my IDE drive with XP on it. Now Win7 boots fine but when I try to boot to XP the system reboots. I have been messing with it all day and finally out of frustration I used the "rescue my system" option and now everything is wiped and it is showing a vista boot and I don't even have vista installed. I just tried using the Beta 2.0 when I did this as I read that it does everything "automatically". I am afraid to reboot (or even breathe really as I have spent the past week getting this far).

As far as I can tell my settings are completely wiped. I am not sure if there is anything I can do form Win7 or from BCD.

My setup is as follows:
Win7 is installed on a logical drive "C" (RAID 5)
XP is on an old IDE drive "E"

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I really don't want to start over on my Win7 install as it has taken me a week to finally get everything installed properly and everything is stable and I already had to activate twice. I don't want to run into the same problem I did with XP where I have installed the damn thing a dozen times or more and now I have call activation support every time and explain myself every time I install.


Never mind. Problem resolved. I just made two new entries and this time when it created XP it knew to put the new boot.ini (I think) on the C: drive. Regardless all is now working and I am very happy. Thanks for this very useful utility.
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