Help me….my hard disk is damaged!!!


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[FONT=&quot]Hi everyone , I am employed as a manager in a firm. I have a problem that I had like to talk about. My system was working fine the other day, but while copying a file by nero….the system hanged and I had to restart it. But I got a disk boot failure error. Then , I tried to run a windows xp installation CD, but that is also showing some error message during installation and the installation fails.I did check the bios settings and the disk fails to show…and had it checked on another system also…but bios cannot detect the hard disk.I think the disk is damaged or something like that.The disk has important data from my company’s point of view…..that I need to recover.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Please let me know if there are any ways to get my data back from this disk!!!![/FONT]
I am sorry for you buddy :frowning:. If the Hard disk in not recognized by BIOS is means that is screwed. What you can do is to try it in another computer but if still stays unrecognized your only option is to take it to a data recovery company, and this might cost you lots of money to have your data back. Didn't you make any back up of your data before? If you didn't that's very bad. Remember, the Hard Disk if the bitch of the computer, is the only thing that you can not trust. If gets screwed you might loose a lot, you can substitute everything else in your computer, but the hard disk data no, if you didn't back them up. So if you really have very important data, only data recovery companies can do it for you, and if you can afford the price then I just wish you good luck.
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Before spending lots of money, try disconnecting the HDD power and data connectors and replugging them in case you've just got a bad connection causing the apparent loss of your disk from the system. (In and out a couple of times each, to clean up any oxidation on the pins)