help me: error using bootsect.exe


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Good morning
i have a problem. I have a pc HP Pavillon m9280 with Vista home Premium pre-installed in disk 0 (there are 2 disk).
I install Windows XP too. So I create a new partition in disk 0 and its locical unit is E:. In D: there is a hide partition for restore system. For have dual boot (XP and Vista) I use the command:
bootsect.exe /NT60 ALL
from a pen disk that i insert when finish xp installation.
Now the problem is that my pen-drive is not recognizable from every pc and from my pavillon i can't restore system from hide partition because 'recovery manager' don't recognize any system partition for restore. Thank you very much for help me.:|
Are you trying to recover so that you can boot Vista or so that you can restore to factory default settings?

If you want to be able to boot Vista again, use and boot from a Vista DVD or recovery disc to perform startup repair. This well make Vista bootable again. You can then add an entry in EasyBCD for XP so that you'll be presented with a menu to boot XP or Vista when you power on the computer.

If you want to restore using the recovery partition, refer to the documentation that came with your computer to accomplish it. Different brands and models have different ways of booting from the recovery partition.