Help me - My pc has crashed

Hi all,

i try to explain what i have crash my pc...
I have a HP 6200 pro SFF, I3-2100, and windows 7 32bit.
As the system has the BIOS blocked by a password that i don't remember (I WAS NOT ABLE TO CHANGE THE BOOT) i installed easyBCD to try to reset the BIOS.
Following the installation i set the easyBCD to boot my system from a USB.
Now the system does not allow me to open windows 7 and it is stuck.
Enclosed you will find an image.

Please help me to solve this mess.
Many thanks in advance

F 2013-12-01 12.52.10.jpg

first of all thanks a lot for your reply.

Correct, but i didn't try to reset the BIOS password. I just wanted to change the boot settings and trying to do that i did a mess.
Now, considering the image i attached, are you able to help me?
I think it should be a mere issue of restore the Windows7 startup path.

I hope someone could give me a hand...



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If you have a W7 DVD, boot it and "repair my computer" > "startup repair" (3 times).
If you don't have a DVD, but you have access to another W7 somewhere, Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair disc. then use that CD as described in the first line.
If you can't do either of those
Easy Recovery Essentials